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Midlands Native Woodland Early Summer Update

Midland Native Woodland native tree and shrub trials at Baunmore, Co. Kilkenny Native tree and shrub trials This week, the Coillte Nature team looked at how our Midlands Native Woodland tree trials are doing, having recently submitted our Form 1 Application and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the Midlands Native Woodlands project to the &hellip

View our plans for Year 2 of the Dublin Mountains Makeover

Works have started once again as part of the Dublin Mountains Makeover.  2021 will see a number of harvesting and replanting operations take place across the Dublin Mountains.  Harvesting works will include a mix of Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) and R&R (Remove & Replant with native woodland).  We know these operations can be disruptive.  There &hellip

Emergency Works in Ticknock

Due to a number of incidents of trees blowing down across the main road in Ticknock, it is necessary to remove additional trees either side of the road over the next few days.  This is to ensure the road is not blocked for access to the masts and to ensure everyone’s health and safety, especially &hellip