Coillte is Ireland’s largest producer of roundwood, the raw material that our sawmill and panel board customers process into high quality timber and timber products. 

Sitka spruce is our main commercial tree species. Our annual production of approximately 2.6 million cubic metres of roundwood generates revenue of around €120 million.

Our wood is FSC®¹ (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) certified and our key customers operate in sawmilling, wood based panels, animal bedding, biomass and firewood.

¹FSC licence code FSC- C005714

Wood products

Our roundwood is categorised into three products which our customers process into a wide range of uses.

Coillte log type Customer end market use
Pulp wood Wide variety of uses including; wood based panel products (MDF, OSB), animal bedding products, biomass and firewood.
Small sawlog Pallet and fencing type products used in Irish and UK markets
Large sawlog Mainly construction carcassing grade timber for use in the Irish and UK construction markets


Timber Sales

We sell wood in a number of ways: standing in the forest, harvested to roadside for collection or delivered to our customers.

We operate an innovative sales model with:

  • An annual allocation of 50% of our volume to our main sawmill customers based on past purchases
  • A monthly auction of available volume to our sawmill customers
  • Direct sales to biomass, wood based panels and bedding customers
  • Local sales for certain products.
Picture of forest GIS technology at work

In Partnership With Our Customers

We sell wood to our customers who process this wood into high quality timber, panel products and other wood products.  Much of this wood is sold by our customers in the UK market. Irish sawmills export about 70% of their sawnwood product there, with its value of €120 million adding up to about 6% of UK market share.

Panel processors export more widely.  More than 90% of this €200 million business is exported overseas.

Coillte is committed to supporting the growth of the Irish forest sector through our own annual sales, enabling our customers to grow their businesses with 2016 being a record year for wood volume produced by Coillte.



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