Coillte Nature is the not-for-profit branch of Coillte that is dedicated to the restoration, regeneration and rehabilitation of nature across Ireland. Our mission is to deliver real impact on the climate and biodiversity crises through large-scale projects based on the best ecological evidence.

We are building on 30 years’ experience in forestry, land management and habitat restoration to deliver real impact on the climate and biodiversity crises through innovative projects-of-scale across four strategic themes:  

  1. Afforesting our landscapes by planting new native woodlands on un-forested land 
  2. Restoring important biodiversity areas by investing in major habitat improvements 
  3. Regenerating urban forests for the benefit of people and nature 
  4. Rehabilitating ecosystem services by bringing sensitive or degraded lands into better health 

Our approach is underpinned by principles of partnership, integrity and accountability, informed by the best ecological evidence, and supported through collaboration and engagement with public, private, non-governmental and community partners.

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