7 April 2021 Coillte Nature

Works begin on Cruagh Native Woodland Site and Ballyedmonduff R&Rmix

We're preparing the ground for a new native woodland in Cruagh as part of the Dublin Mountains Makeover. Over the coming weeks, visitors to Cruagh will notice foresters with machines 'mounding' the site - this means creating small piles of soil in which to plant the young trees - and putting up fencing to keep the hungry deer out.

Mounding and fencing are essential steps in the creation of a new native woodland. Once this is done, we'll then be planting a range of tree species  to establish the new native woodland community including birch, Scots pine, oak, rowan and holly.

We're putting up signage on site to explain what we're doing, but you can also view it here.

Works will also commence in replanting the R&R-Mix site in Ballyedmonduff.  First, machines will prepare the ground by 'mounding' the site to give a raised aerated planting position and then the site will be planted with a mix of Sitka spruce and native trees such as birch and rowan.  The mountain bike trail will remain open but please take care passing along this section of trail and follow any signage or directions by Coillte staff.  For more information please take a look at our information sign here.

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