About our business

We generate recurring revenue by partnering, developing and adding value where our lands are suited to activity other than forestry and we provide potential partners and clients with expertise in areas such as project management, planning and development, construction, land sales, legal, finance, community engagement procurement and communications.

How we do it

In a position to lease, buy and sell, we find ways in which our land bank can provide solutions for others and in which our expertise can maximise its value. And because we know our estate intimately, we are able both to identify opportunities for partnership and help manage projects to a successful conclusion.  

We are also deeply committed to supporting, and developing relationships with, the communities living near our projects and developments.

Renewable Energy

High quality wind farms have been built on our lands, and as Ireland continues to promote new sectors such as solar, storage and biomass, Land...


With 321 forests located across the country, our land is suitable and available for national and local infrastructure projects.


As custodian of Ireland’s forests, Coillte manages the estate for forestry, recreation and biodiversity - as well as buying and selling land for a range...



Center Parcs are a UK based family holiday resort with five locations around the UK. In 2013 following contact between Coillte and Center Parcs a number of Coillte forest sites were identified.