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CCF at Thinning Cruagh Woods

Forest thinning will take start at Cruagh in late May as part of Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) management of parts of this woodland. To facilitate these forest operations, upgrading of extraction tracks will take place starting the week of 23rd May. You may have already noticed trees marked with a pink dash – these are &hellip

Dublin Mountains Makeover: R&R and CCF works continue

There is lots of activity taking place over the coming months as the Dublin Mountains Makeover continues, with harvesting and haulage taking place as part of our R&R (Remove and Replant) and CCF (Continuous Cover Forestry) management.   Timber haulage will be ongoing weekdays from Kilmashogue, Tiknock, Ballyedmonduff and Cruagh.   CCF Harvesting at Ballyedmonduff &hellip