Permits and Licences

Recreation or Trail Proposals

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Recreation Permits & Licences

Individuals can walk and hike on all Coillte lands, and cycle in selected sites, without the need for a permit. All other activities need a permit including groups, events, charity events and anyone guiding or leading another person or group on Coillte lands.

Full details on all requirements are here: Coillte Licences - Terms, Conditions, Insurance and Fees

To apply for a new permit, visit our partner website here: Recreation Licence Website (HAMS)

For existing customers and permit holders, click here to log in:- HAMS login

A video tutorial on how to apply for a permit is here: YouTube tutorial

Deer and Game Hunting

Deer and Game hunting licences on Coillte properties are tendered annually, usually in May. The available licences are tendered by Coillte on the Habitat Area Management System (HAMS) platform.

Licences may be awarded for a 5-year term subject to compliance with Licence conditions and are re-tendered at the end of that 5-year period. If you wish to tender for a hunting licence please sign up for a HAMS account at the following link:- Register (  

Once registered, available licences can be viewed and tendered for on this platform within the tender window .

Updates on the tender dates will be advertised on the Coillte website under DEER AND GAME HUNTING

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