Good forestry is all about sustainability, making sure that we hand on our forests to future generations in an as good or better state than they are today. Today forest management has grown to embrace three main components of sustainability: social, environmental and economic. In addition, Coillte are fully committed to improvements in our energy performance through ISO 50001, and you can read more about our energy policy at this link.

Social Sustainability  

We want the Irish people to maintain a long-term sense of ownership and pride in our forests.  To ensure this, we provide a huge number of outdoor recreation events, we welcome the public to visit our forests according to the Leave No Trace principles and we consult with the public regularly on our forest and operation plans.

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People using Coillte Forest Trail
Coillte biodiversity forest

Environmental Sustainability

We are determined to protect and care for the environment.  About 20% of our estate, nearly 90,000 hectares of forest lands, are managed with nature conservation and biodiversity as the primary objective.  Rare species and habitats are identified, mapped and protected. In addition, and in partnership with the LIFE Nature Unit we have restored some of Ireland’s rarest forest and peatland habitats.

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Economic Sustainability

To be economically sustainable, our forestry business must be profitable. To ensure it is so, we are using the latest technologies and information to harvest our wood efficiently, safely and responsibly.

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Picture of timber logs stacked

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We run three high potential businesses, Forestry, Land Solutions and Medite Smartply, which delivered earnings (EBITDA) of €66 million and Operating Cash of €24 million in 2020.