12 February 2021 Coillte Nature

View our plans for Year 2 of the Dublin Mountains Makeover

Works have started once again as part of the Dublin Mountains Makeover.  2021 will see a number of harvesting and replanting operations take place across the Dublin Mountains.  Harvesting works will include a mix of Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) and R&R (Remove & Replant with native woodland). 

We know these operations can be disruptive.  There may be some temporary trail diversions in place and timber lorries on the forest roads, but we are asking you to endure some short term pain for long term gain, so we can continue to create beautiful, diverse forests for the future. Please follow all safety signage to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to the forest.

Please see the maps below showing where harvesting and replanting operations will take place during 2021.  Regular updates will be provided on the website throughtout the year in advance of operations commencing.



There is a program of CCF thinnings planned in Cruagh, Kilmashogue and Barnaslingan forests.

In addition, there are a number of R&R sites planned in Ticknock, Cruagh and Carrickgollogan. 


This Spring we will be continuing to replant areas that were felled last year, like in Ballyedmonduff and Cruagh.  While later in the year, when the weather gets colder again, we will start replanting areas felled this year. 

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