Welcome to Baravore Forest. With a short looped walking trail in the forest.
The track follows part of the old zig zag mining road. It passes the recently restored Crusher house building the finest existing example of a rolls crusher house in the country. On the homeward leg of the loop you will pass the An óige hostel on your left and on your right you can view the ruins of the older crusher house and dwellings.
Please use the bridge to cross the river, the ford can be flooded when the river is in spate.

Take the Glen Road down from Glenmalure Lodge and park in the council car park, do not cross the ford.

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The Baravore Mining Trail (2 km, 45 minutes, Moderate, Red markers) is an attractive looped walk which brings you into the heart of the scenic Glenmalure valley and its historic mining district.

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