Tibradden or Teach Bruadain (the house of Bruadain) lies between Cruagh and Kilmashogue mountains. It is a beautiful wood with a mixture of Scots pine (some dating back to 1910 hence the other name Pine Forest), Japanese larch, European larch, Sitka spruce, oak and beech. The southern slopes of the site are strewn with granite boulders and gives it that wild appearance.
At the highest point on Tibradden the site has a great archaeological feature, an open cairn and kist burial site, a great place for a breather and to take in the fantastic views. The site is a registered National Monument and a burial urn taken from it is housed in the National Museum in Dublin.

On the R116 between Johnnie Fox’s pub and Rockbrook, about 6 km from Johnnie Fox’s on the right hand side.

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