Littlewood is a forest covering 28 hectares (70 acres). Today it comprises a varied mix of conifer and broadleaved tree species. The trees were planted by the Slane estate sometime before 1840. Most of the trees planted were broadleaved, primarily oak which was such a valuable building timber – large stumps of oak are common throughout the forest. However other types, non-native tree species were planted including Beech, Horse Chestnut, Sitka Spruce (from North America) and Hornbeam. The State Forest Service bought Littlewood from the Earl of Mountcharles in 1963. All the large oak were felled for commercial use and the area was replanted with a variety of species but dominantly with exotic, fast growing coniferous tree species. Subsequently, Coillte, the present owners, have managed Littlewood by combining replanting with conifers but also allowing broadleaved species to mature and dominate in some areas of the forest. This management has allowed the woodland flora and fauna to continue and contributes to great biodiversity that persists throughout Littlewood today.
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Walking Trails: The littlewood loop trail is ( 2Km, 40 minutes, easy ) takes you through a mixed conifer / broadleaf woodland and starts and ends at the car park. The broadleaf trees along the route are a mix of native trees including Oak, Ash and Alder and exotics Sycamore, Beech and Horse Chestnut. The understory is made up of Hazel, Rowan, Guelder Rose, Birch, Holly, Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Elm. Along the route you will pass two further display boards highlighting the diversity of the Flora and Fauna that can be seen in the woodland.

Littlewood is located on the N2 Collon Road 1mile/1.6km from Slane village

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