The forest area covers 160ha of broafleaf, conifer and mixed woodland of variable age classes. Some of the old broadleaf trees survive since planting by the Vandeleur family over 100 years ago.

The demesne was laid out during the lifetime of Crofton Vandeleur who died in 1795. Kilrush house was established as the home of the vandeleur family in 1687. The walled demesne near the town was the core of their property. In 1920 the property was acquired by the Department of Agriculture for forestry purposes. The remains of Kilrush house was knocked in 1973 for safety reasons.

In addition to enjoying the walks you can visit the Vandeleur centre and enjoy the walled gardens, coffee shop, gift shop. On display is the history of the estate with many old photographs from the time.

Walking distance from Kilrush town centre. By car the entrance is signposted about 1 Km from the town on the Killimer road.

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