Bishop`s Wood was at one stage designated as church property. The Earl of Montalt owned the estate up until 1905. The gamekeepers lodge which is about 1 km from the car park has been taken over by the Boy Scouts Association and has been turned into a National Boy Scout Centre.
There is no specific trail here but the area has an extensive forest road network giving the visitor plenty of scope for walking.
There are a number of small old Oak stands scattered throughout the conifers in parts of this forest property. The area was originally Old Woodland and as the conifer stands are being felled the Oak stands are being developed and extended and young Oak planted where suitable. Some of these Oak stands are seed stands which means acorns are collected and when they grow into young saplings are planted out in suitable sites in various parts of the country to increase the area of our native species.

Bishop's Wood car park is situated on the edge of Gortarush Property in Dundrum Forest adjacent to the R661 Tipperary to Thurles road.

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