8 May 2024 Coillte Nature

Guided walks and exhibition as part of Dublin Mountains Festival

As part of the Dublin Mountains Festival – Féile na Sléibhe Coillte Nature is hosting an event showcasing the Dublin Mountains Makeover Project on Friday, May 10th in Ticknock Forest, Co. Dublin.


Meeting point: Ticknock Forest (meet at car park)


13:00 to 19:00: Drop by the Coillte Nature tent to chat to the Coillte team about the Dublin Mountains Makeover. They will be joined by staff from the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Local Authorities Water Progamme and ACL Nature.


13:00 to 14:15: Guided walk (2.5km) with Karen Woods, Operations Manager, Coillte Nature. Karen will give an overview of the Dublin Mountains Makeover. (booking required)


14:30 to 16:30: Nature walk (5.5km) with the team from ACL Nature on long term biodiversity monitoring as part of the Dublin Mountains Makeover. (booking required)


Places on the walks are limited so please book here 


The Dublin Mountains Makeover will see an area of over 900 hectares across nine Coillte forests transition away from the clearfell and replanting cycle towards a different model: a combination of Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) and remove and replant with native species (R&R). Work started on the Dublin Mountains Makeover in June 2020.


**Please be aware that a photographer/videographer may be capturing moments during this event. If you prefer not to be photographed or filmed, kindly inform us in advance**

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