Horse Riding

Forest roads are perfect for trekking and riding out, so if you are a horse lover check out our designated routes. This is not open access for all, so riders will have to buy a permit first. And as there are always other visitors using the forest too, we ask that you watch out for others and take care!
If you are a member of, or are involved in a club or equestrian centre, please contact us to find an area suitable for you.

Grab your rod, reel, bait, insect repellant and waders and head to a fishing spot near you! Anglers use Coillte lands to access many kilometres of riverbanks, lake shores and coastline across the country. Fishing is a pastime that provides a wonderful opportunity to embrace nature and leave all the pressures of daily life behind.
Note: A fishing license may be required so always check in advance from the local fishing tackle shop or online from Inland Fisheries Ireland.

Game hunting and deer stalking are amongst the oldest forms of forest recreation, and are allowed on our lands strictly under permit only. We licence hunting where it is deemed compatible with forest management objectives, and where it is not considered to compromise the safety of other forest users or upset the balance of quarry species. Strict compliance with the relevant laws covering the use of firearms and Coillte guidelines and codes of practice are enforced on the estate.

We provide access to many lakes and rivers around Ireland where thousands of people enjoy swimming, boating, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, rowing, cruising and other watersports every year. You can enjoy our facilities which range from car-parks, access tracks to the water, or in some cases piers, fishing stands, slips and piers.
The use of these facilities is entirely at your own risk.
Note: Waterways Ireland designate certain sections of inland lakes and rivers for motorised use.
Aerial Trails
Whizzing through trees, climbing suspended rope nets and jumping off tree-top platforms are all part of a new craze in Ireland! We have partnered with Zipit (see ) to provide exciting aerial trails for young and old adrenaline junkies at our sites in Lough Key Forest Park in Co. Roscommon, Farran in Co. Cork and Tibraden in Co. Dublin.

There are numerous aerial routes, ranging from easy to really difficult, with challenges to put fear into the most hardened adventure seeker. You can even BMX across a treetop bridge if you were brave enough!

Safety is paramount and instructors are on site to guide each user who must wear a safety harness at all times while they are enjoying their tree-top, fun-filled, thrilling experience.

Hollywood eat your heart out! Ireland is one magnificent outdoor film studio, and is the location of major blockbusters including Brave Heart, Saving Private Ryan and the old favourite, The Quiet Man.

Our woodland habitats, open mountains and sweeping parklands make for the perfect film backdrop. Coillte also has a portfolio of buildings, including old demesnes and estates, specifically selected for filming, and serviced by a network of forest roads linked to county roads and towns. We can arrange for alternate properties for larger scale events on request.