20 April 2023 Dublin Mountains Makeover

Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) Thinning at Barnaslingan Woods

A thinning of trees at Barnaslingan Woods will take place from Monday 24th April for the next 4-6 weeks using Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) management as part of the ongoing Dublin Mountains Makeover.

Trails will not be closed but visitors are asked to please follow all safety signage. Some brash (branches) will be laid across trails to protect them during operations but will be removed once works are complete. Please take care crossing at these points.

Visitors to the forest may have already noticed trees marked with a pink dash – these are the trees to be removed during this CCF thinning operation. Removing these trees creates gaps in the canopy to allow more light to reach the forest floor and create the conditions for regeneration of new seedlings in the future. Over time this will gradually make the forest more diverse in terms of age, tree sizes and species in future.

To learn more about CCF in the Dublin Mountains, watch our short YouTube video here


Visitors to the forest are asked to please take care while works are taking place and to:
• Follow all safety signage and temporary diversions
• Watch out for timber lorries
• Please don’t climb on the stacks of logs along the side of the road.

This work is part of the Dublin Mountains Makeover which will see an area of over 900 hectares across nine Coillte forests transitioning away from commercial forestry, to be managed for recreation, biodiversity and climate.

The shaded area in the map below shows the area for CCF thinning at Barnaslingan Woods.

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