The Coillte Graduate Programme offers talented individuals the opportunity to be part of the future of Coillte.

We offer recently qualified graduates a two-year placement to gain invaluable experience across our forestry, environmental science and business divisions. Graduates will be provided with placements in the areas of Resource Optimisation Analysis & Planning, Harvesting & Operations Management, Road Construction Management, Commercial & Supply Chain, Financial Planning & Analysis, Property Acquisition, Sustainability, Ecology, and Engineering (locations of each would vary).

This programme provides students with the opportunity to apply their technical learning and further develops their skills and competencies within an exciting and customer focused forestry business.



We are looking specifically for graduates within forestry, environmental science, engineering or business. Students currently participating in their final year or who are awaiting results are also welcome to apply.

Applications for our 2024 programme have now closed and the recruitment process is underway. We expect to confirm application timelines for our 2025 programme later this year.

Should you wish to apply please see our vacancies page for further information

Successful applicants will:

  • Be enrolled on a Business Skills Development Programme with a recognised external institute
  • Be involved in high profile strategic projects
  • Receive mentoring & coaching support
  • Get the opportunity to conduct field visits & international exchanges


Picture of Coillte graduate Mark Murphy in high vis jacket and hard hat standing in front of a stack of harvested logs in a forest.
Picture of Coillte graduate Sharon standing in a forest

Want to know more about the Graduate Programme?

We put some questions to one of our recent forestry graduates Sharon Njoya


Can you describe your current role and the responsibilities it includes?

 I’m part of the Timber Sales and Supply Chain teams which is a great starting point for me as a Business Graduate to understand the business of the company.

My main roles and responsibilities include.

  1. Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting by the different Sales Channels
  2. Daily and monthly forecasting
  3. Tracking market prices
  4. Data collection, analysis, and management.
  5. Research and project management for continuous improvement.
  6. End markets reporting
  7. Updating Haulage Payments
  8. Data visualization using Power Bi



How did you find the recruitment process for the Coillte Forest Graduate Programme? 

Some stages were more intense than others, but the assessment day stood out for me. It was one of those insightful experiences that gives you a great confidence boost, where at the end of the whole process you know that the next interview you go to, you will nail it. The different activities such as group discussions and presentations gave a very good chance to sell yourself.

The whole process was well organised, and the instructions were very clear which helped get rid of any nerves I had.


What piece of advice would you give potential applicants to the graduate programme?

Give yourself enough time when doing your application and preparation for the assessment.

Some of the recruitment stages might be more intense than others, so don’t let the hard ones discourage you, learn from them and be patient and positive with yourself. And lastly make sure you showcase your strengths and build on them.

How would you describe the culture at Coillte?

 Accommodating is the word that would best describe Coillte’s culture for me.

Coillte presents you with an environment where your input and ideas are welcomed and taken into consideration. You are also involved in projects which as a graduate I appreciate a lot as it gives you an opportunity to learn more about the company and interact with people in different departments.

Everyone in the company is very helpful and are always looking to make you feel as welcome as possible especially when you are new.


Picture of Coillte Graduate, Sharon, working in an office at a laptop and desktop computer

What do you think future graduates would want to know about Coillte?

Coming into the programme, your manager gives you a detailed Learning Development Plan that gives you a clear sense of direction on what your tasks will be with regular reviews to keep track on how you will be progressing. This plan also includes a schedule of the training you will need to complete the tasks assigned.

 The IMI programme and Mentorship incorporated into the programme is a great platform for you to build on your personal brand and get guidance and support from your mentor.


We also put some questions to another of our recent forestry graduates Mark Murphy.


Can you describe your current role and the responsibilities it includes ?

My initial placement was working as part of the Resource team in Business Area Unit 5, which covers Central Munster. I found it a great place to start, it provided me with a platform to learn the systems we use and a good understanding of the processes in Coillte.

Some of my duties and responsibilities included:

  • Site pack preparation for harvesting activities.
  • Reviewing and editing Harvest Site Plan Maps being put forward as part of the felling license application process
  • The editing and creation of Harvest Units and Harvest Blocks.
  • Monitoring feature collection activities and engaging with Resource Contractors.
  • Helping the Resource Team with all kinds of computer mapping work using our Geographic Information System (GIS) and making sure to always meet my deadlines.

Recently I have started my second rotation as part of the Harvesting Processes Team which is a big change and a great opportunity to learn more about a different area of the business.


How did you find the recruitment process for the Coillte Forest Graduate Programme?

I found the recruitment process challenging with each step being very different. The process provided a thorough and fair assessment in my opinion. The assessment day was the final stage of the process, the interviewers were welcoming and friendly. I enjoyed the group assessment, engaging with other forestry professionals.

Picture of Coillte graduate Mark Murphy standing in the forest.


What piece of advice would you give potential applicatns to the Graduate Programe?

I would advise applicants that preparation in advance is important. I would pay particular attention to the guidance provided and to be up to date with current industry affairs. Engage in every step of the process and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


How would you describe the culture at Coillte?

Any nerves I had starting out on the graduate programme quickly faded. The culture in Coillte is welcoming and positive. I have felt included right from the start and always have the help and support required when I face challenges in my job. It has been a great learning experience with people from different nationalities and people with extensive experience in Forestry.



What do you think future graduates would want to know about Coillte?

Coillte provides great support to graduates through regularly scheduled graduate catch ups, support from designated graduate mentors and the opportunity to work with your peers through the IMI development programme.

Coillte is continuously researching and investing in new technologies giving graduates the opportunity to work with the most up to date systems.

The opportunity to have two graduate placements is beneficial as you experience more of the company and may identify an area of interest that maybe you wouldn’t have previously considered.