Welcome to the Slieve Bloom Mountain Bike Trail in Offaly. This is a network of purpose-built singletrack trails and forest roads that are designed for use by mountain bikes on a waymarked circular route.

There are two routes to choose from, one of which is blue grade, the other is a more more challenging red grade loop. The trails take the riders through beautiful forest and open land with fantastic views over Kinnitty Castle and beyond. Forest road climbs lead you into tight twisty singletrack with loads of fast descents, ups and downs, tight turns and technical rocky bits, guaranteed to leave you smiling! The trails are waymarked in one direction, please follow the arrows.

The route uses multiple sections of forest roads and crosses many walking trails. You should expect to encounter vehicles and other forest users at any time. In general, the trail is exposed on the upper slopes and can be very windy in poor weather. Please make sure your mountain bike is in good working order and that you have an appropriate level of fitness and skill level to undertake these trails. All riders should be appropriately dressed and wear a helmet at all times. Please ride with consideration for other forest users and control your speed.

There are more MTB trails open on the Laois side of Slieve Blooms, centred at Baunreagh. Click here for details Laois trails

The trails are developed in partnership with Offaly and Laois County Councils and are funded by the Dept of Rural and Community Development, with additional funding support from Fáilte Ireland.

Navigate to Kinnitty village, Co. Offaly and park in the village. Look for the waymarkers to take you up to the trail network.

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Visitor Facilities on site

All available in Kinnitty village – parking, toilets, café and accommodation along with lively entertainment in the two village pubs.

Offaly Blue Loop - "Kinnitty Blue"

Kinnitty Blue – Trail Description

This blue grade trail is graded moderate, with numerous difficult sections along the route. The trails vary from fast and flowing to tight and technical. Sometimes steep and narrow, with variable surfaces including rock, roots, mud, loose stones and gravel that may become slippery when wet. This trail is for proficient cyclists only.

Leaving Kinnitty village the route shares the public road, so caution with traffic is needed. Turning right into Kinnitty GAA club, pick up the wide ‘dual direction’ trail leading riders onto the singletrack loop above. Riders will also travel this same trail in the opposite direction on their way back. Riders beware of cyclists approaching in their direction. A long forest road climb gains elevation to bring you into the main singletrack descent.

Trail highlights include ‘Cool Runnings’, ‘Rock & Roll’ and ‘The Full Hog’. The full distance of the Kinnitty Blue route is 10km but there is an option for riders to take a shorter blue loop which reduces the distance to 6km.


Trail Information

Trail Name: Kinnitty Blue

Start/Finish Point: Kinnitty village

Full route: 10km with 220 meters climbing

Short route: 6km with 150 meters climbing

Time: 45 minutes to 120 minutes

Degree of Difficulty: moderate to difficult

Trail Waymarking: Blue

Kinnitty Blue Map

Offaly Red Loop - "River Run"

River Run – Trail Description

This red grade route is difficult throughout with numerous severe sections along the route. The trails vary from fast and flowing to tight and technical. Frequently steep and narrow, with variable surfaces including rock, roots, mud, loose stones and gravel that may become slippery when wet. This trail is not for novice mountain bike riders.

The route shares the same outward leg as the Kinnitty Blue trail, climbing all the way from Kinnitty Village to the ‘The Circuit Breaker’, a key point along your journey at the Slieve Bloom Mountain Bike Trails. Once here, take the red grade route, ‘River Run’ to the right.

Highlights along the River Run route include the ‘ASAP’ trail, a fast flowing rocky descent which takes you to the county road. Exercise caution crossing the road and yield to motorists and road cyclists at this point. Next up is ‘The Cobbler’ trail, a meandering route that weaves through the Connor’s homestead, switch back climbs up through the most spectacular mature pine trees before plummeting down to meet the Camcor river. The ‘Valley Run’ trail journeys riders across the Stillbrook Hill into the next valley where the main descending section of River Run begins. ‘Secret Squirrel’, ‘Yeti’ and ‘Last Chance’ are the three main trails, each with their own unique flavour dropping you down to the Camcor river once again. Exercise caution crossing back over the public road and re connecting into the Kinnitty Blue loop.

The River Run route is 12km long, or 22km when you factor in the connecting Kinnitty Blue loop.


Trail Information

Trail Name: River Run

Start/Finish Point: Kinnitty Village

River Run Route: 12km with 220 meters climbing

Full Route: 22km with 440 meters climbing

Time: 90 minutes to 180 minutes

Degree of Difficulty: Difficult to severe

Trail Waymarking: Red

River Run (Red) Map

Nearby pit stops

In Kinnitty village:

Peavoys Café

The Anti-Social Café @ Kinnitty Castle

Giltraps Pub

The Slieve Bloom Bar