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Following an intensive period of clearing invasive species at Hazelwood, a Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) thinning is taking place as part of the biodiversity restoration works. The aim is to increase the proportion of native trees and ensure the long-term survival of the woodland. Ross Buchanan of Inish Forestry is an award-winning forester who has &hellip

Enhancing Biodiversity at Hazelwood: Interview with Ross Buchanan of Inish Forestry

  Over the summer, work has continued to clear invasive species from the northern section of this superb example of alluvial woodland. On the banks of Lough Gill and the Garavogue river, these woodlands are a rare and precious habitat of international importance, and a designated Special Area of Conservation (SAC). They provide a home &hellip

Biodiversity Restoration Works continue at Hazelwood

Works will begin again this week to clear the invasive rhododendron from the wonderful alluvial woodland in the northern section of Hazelwood Forest, an Annex I priority habitat.  This is a slow careful process in which the rhododendron shrubs are cut, the branches chipped and stumps treated to prevent resprouting.  Work is commencing now so &hellip

Works begin again to clear rhododendron in Hazelwood Forest

Coillte Nature’s ecologist, Dr Declan Little, takes us through the work undertaken in 2020 to restore Hazelwood’s alluvial woodlands  When I heard that Coillte had identified Hazelwood’s alluvial forest as a priority for restoration at the National Biodiversity Conference in 2019, I was immediately struck by the merit of selecting this woodland. Alluvial native woodlands &hellip

2020 Progress: Restoring Hazelwood

Coillte Nature is restoring an ancient alluvial woodland in Co. Sligo by removing the invasive species that are slowly choking it. We’ve made a short video to show you how we’re tackling the problem and what the benefits will be, and explain it all in greater detail in the blog below.

Restoring Hazelwood by removing invasive species

Hazelwood Forest lies at the heart of Yeats country on the shores of Lough Gill in County Sligo, overlooking the Lake Isle of Innisfree. A semi-natural treescape of 130 hectares, it features one of the finest alluvial woodlands in all of Ireland.

Restoring Hazelwood