21 June 2024 Coillte Nature

Tree felling and replanting operations in Coillte’s Cruagh Wood

Tree felling and replanting operations are due to take place in Coillte’s Cruagh Wood over the coming months as part of the Dublin Mountain Makeover project.  These works are part of the Dublin Mountains Makeover which will see an area of over 900 hectares across nine Coillte forests transitioning away from primarily wood producing forests, to forests managed primarily for recreation, biodiversity and climate.

You can find more information on the Dublin Mountain Makeover Project here: Dublin Mountains Makeover – Coillte

Map of Coillte's Cruagh forest in the Dublin Mountains showing location of planned forest operations
Cruagh Coillte Nature Works


There are two separate forest operations planned to take place:

  1. Remove & Replant (R&R) Cruagh lower – 6ha of spruce will be felled and replanted with native woodland (maroon area on map below).
  2. Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) thinning Cruagh –2.5ha continuous cover forestry thinning to open the forest canopy, favour the native Scots pine by removing some larch and create gaps in the canopy to allow underplanting with native saplings to take place (orange area on map below).

Felling is due to commence in Cruagh lower block around the 20th June 2024.  During this coming winter, the planting of a native woodland will take place in the R&R areas. A deer fence will be erected to protect the saplings from browsing deer.  The underplanting of small clearings with native saplings beneath the Scots pine will also take place.

We thank you for your patience during this process.

Please follow all signage while visiting the forest and please take care on the roads with timber lorries entering and exiting the forests.

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