Mountbellew Forest recreation area is located close to the town and can be accessed from different locations by foot. The demesne woodlands was once owned by the Bellew family that gave their name to the local town. The Bellew estate was once the home of the Grattan-Bellew family, famous Galway parliamentarians during the 18th and 19th centuries. The current car park and picnic area is close to the site of the original three story estate house. It was built in the 18th century and was demolished in late 1930s. The land was acquired for forestry from the Irish land Commission in 1938. Their demesne is now a delightful wooded area of forest walks and picnic area, filled with interesting historical items. There are many features to be found in the forest. The best examples of which exist in the Demesne, include the Boat House, Forge, Bridge and Mill Race.
The old walled gardens and forge are a special features and are located close to the car park. There are three trails in the forest. One is to multi access standard. The Mountbellew trail and Demesne loop are part dual purpose family cycle and walking trails.

Adjacent to the town of Mountbellew..

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