Knockanacree Woods, at just over 100 acres was once part of the estate of Knockanacree Woods House. The woodland has had continuous tree cover for over 200 years. Much of the original mature tree stock was used as timber supports in the trenches during World War I. In the 1950’s the State Forestry Division, the precursor to Coillte, began replanting the wood, creating much needed work for local people at the time. The dominant tree species is Beech. They crowd together with their smooth grey trunks and dense, soaring light green canopies, creating a cathedral-like impression. In Autumn, they glow with warm colour as the leaves turn spectacular shades of russet, gold and brown.
Life in a woodland tends to be secretive. Quiet observation will reveal a world full of activity and life. Song birds flit through the tree canopy seeking out insects and small invertebrates. Sparrowhawks in turn, hunt the small birds, while signs of fox and badger are visible to the discerning eye. Hazelnuts are plentiful on the woodland edge and along with the seeds of the Scots Pine trees, provide a rich source of winter food for the resident Red Squirrels.
Springtime brings a profusion of bluebells and Wild Garlic on the eastern side of the woodland and a carpet of Wood Anemone flowers on the west. Wild strawberries grow along the central pathways in Summer alongside the yellow creeping St. John’s Wort.

1.5km north of Cloughjordan village

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