Greenfield is a mixed woodland of just over 34 hectares of varied age structure and species composition. Along with an array of native trees and shrubs there are some impressive mature trees including 200 year old Pedunculate oaks and very large specimens of Ash, Alder and Scot’s pine, as well as Western red cedar and Horse chestnut.
The standout feature of this woodland is that it includes four ponds. The range of plants, includes; floating vegetation, bulrush, Mare’s tail and white lily provides an important and much valued habitat for numerous dragon and damsel flies, breeding water birds including Little grebes and Moorhens. There is an abundance of breeding song and woodland birds. Greenfield is a joy to visit especially for the nature enthusiast.

2km from Cappawhite, 9km from Dundrum and 14km from Tipperary town.

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