Foynes is a pocket of mixed woodland of just over 17 acres located on the banks of the majestic River Shannon. The woodland once formed a mere fragment of the 6,500 acres of the Monteagle Estate, the main family seat being at nearby Mount Trenchard. Remnants of the estate days can still be observed within the property to this day in the form of the old carriage paths, stone walls and the Lady’s Gate at the Eastern access point to the property.
Foynes is linked to the transatlantic flying boats that landed here around the time of World War II. Luminaries passing through on these sea planes included Charles Lindberg and Eleanor Roosevelt. It is also a deep-water seaport, one of the busiest ports in Ireland with container ships being offloaded by huge cranes.
Although relatively small, this is a unique site that offers the visitor a great opportunity to take some time out and soak up what nature has to offer.

Foynes amenity area is located just over 1km from the town on the N69.

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