This forest property is situated on an elevated site close to Sligo town with magnificent views at various points, of Sligo bay, Benbulben, Lough Gill, Slishwood and the Dartrey mountains of north Sligo. The two short looped trails takes you through a forest plantation which is diverse in both species and age classes. A forest floor with a wide variety of grasses, herbs, ferns, briar, wood sorrel, mosses and lichens makes for an area of high biodiversity value.
Tree species include Ash, Beech, Birch, Larch, Norway/Sitka spruce, Oak, Scots pine, Hazel and Larch.

The site is located 1 km east of Sligo town. You can access the site from the Cleaveragh recreation park near Sligo sports complex. It can also be accessed from Sligo County council waterworks site on carns hill off racecourse road.

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The site can be accessed by walking from Sligo town and Cleaveragh sports complex.

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