Welcome to Brownscastle Wood, a site associated with St. Munna. When walking through the forest along the paths you will arrive at St. Munna’s Bed. St. Munna’s Bed is a large flat rock that protrudes from the side of the valley. It is believed that St. Munna, who founded a monastery in Taghmon in about 597, rested here as a retreat during the summer months. Hewn in its centre is a cross. Lying on this rock is reputed to help with back aches and pains which is something believers still do to this day.
On the return section of the loop the beautiful meandering woodland path goes alongside the river. Keep an eye out for trout in the river flitting by. During the day, the sounds of birds singing fill the woods.
Towards the end of the trail, steps lead to St. Munna’s Well. This natural well is believed to have healing properties too. Some people still use it today to leave offerings for their loved one’s

Take Chapel street out of Taghmon and follow this for a few km and the site entrance will be on your left just before the bridge

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BROWNSCASTLE WOODS TRAIL – 1.2 km – 25 minutes – Red markers – Easy

A beautiful meandering walk through an established coniferous woodland.

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