20 May 2020 latest news

Status Orange High Forest Fire Risk Warning Issued Again ~ Public urged to remain at home as per Covid-19 guidelines

Coillte staff tackling a forest fire

Status Orange HIGH Forest Fire Risk Warning Again Issued

Public urged to remain at home as per Covid-19 guidelines

  • Status Orange HIGH National Forest Fire Risk Warning in place until Friday of this week
  • Coillte forest car parks and forests are open but only to those within 5km to take brief physical exercise in line with Government guidelines.
  • Landowners and the public should avoid all outdoor fires and other open ignition sources.
  • All land owners urged to obey restrictions in place for land burning.

Coillte has reminded members of the public that the Government Covid 19 related restrictions are still in place and that members of the public should stay at home or within 5km of their home.

Arising from increased temperatures and low recent rainfall levels, a high fire risk is deemed to exist in all areas where hazardous fuels such as dead grasses and shrub fuels such as heather and gorse exist.

Based on recent fire incidents, most ignitions risks appear to be associated with illegal dumping activity and public recreation activity on forest and other amenity sites. Fire behaviour during the lifespan of this warning is likely to be influenced by variable light to moderate winds Thursday ahead of rain approaching from the south west, but may be moderated by increased live growth in vegetation.

Members of the public intending to visit forests and other recreational sites are reminded of the requirement to remain within 5km of their homes and to adhere to regulations introduced to limit the spread of Covid-19. Vehicles should not be parked at site entrances or impede emergency service access to forest roads. DAFM advise that all outdoor use of fires, barbeques and other open ignition sources be avoided on forest lands and in other high risk areas until further notice.

Pending significant rainfall, this risk condition will remain in place until 1200hrs on Friday, May 29th, 2020 unless otherwise stated by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Coillte forest carparks and forests remain open for people who live within 5km of them to take brief physical exercise in line with the Government guidelines.

Landowners are also reminded that under the Wildlife Act, it is illegal to burn growing vegetation on uncultivated land between 1st March and 31st August. Persons engaged in such illegal activity are liable to prosecution and could face fines, imprisonment and penalties to their farm payments.


For more information, please visit www.coillte.ie or for regular updates follow Coillte on Twitter @coilltenews


About Coillte
Coillte, Ireland’s largest commercial forestry company manages approximately 7% of the country’s land on a fully sustainable basis. Coillte is the largest supplier of roundwood in Ireland which underpins a vibrant Forestry Sector.

The Irish forestry sector supports 12,000 rural based jobs in Ireland, contributes approximately €2.3 billion to the economy every year and has the potential to double in size over the next ten years.

Visit www.coillte.ie to learn more

For further information or to arrange an interview with a Coillte representative please contact:

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