22 September 2020 latest news

Coillte encourages everyone to participate in National Walking Day, Sunday September 27th, by visiting their local Coillte forests.

  • This Annual celebration as part of the European Week of Sport encourages people to get out walking to benefit their physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Research shows that outdoor walking has been important for wellbeing during the COVID19 pandemic



National Walking Day aims to inspire people to get out and walk in their local areas due to the great physical and mental wellbeing benefits of walking. It is an initiative by Get Ireland Walking, supported by Sport Ireland and takes place as part of the European Week of Sport. Coillte is delighted to be involved and to support this annual event by encouraging the public, regardless of age or ability, to get active and stay local. 

Coillte has an open forest policy and welcomes all walkers to our forests according to the Leave No Trace principles.   In addition, Coillte has many recreational forests/forest parks which are open to the public right across the country.  

To find out more about Coillte’s recreation offering visit www.coillte.ie/our-forests/recreation-map/

Charlie Burke, Recreation Officer with Coillte and co-ordinator of Coillte’s Woodlands for Health campaign said: 

“Coillte is proud to be Ireland’s leading provider of outdoor recreation activities, with more than 3,000 kilometers of trails, 260 recreation sites and 12 forest parks across the country.

 “We know about the importance of walking in nature to members of the public and the benefits for both physical and mental health. Our forests offer a space where people can walk safely while maintaining social distancing and abiding by COVID19 guidelines. Coillte wants to encourage all local residents to our forests to take some time out of their day and enjoy their local landscape by participating in National Walking Day on 27th September and visiting one of your local Coillte forests. 

 Coillte’s Woodlands for Health campaign encourages the public to engage with nature through outdoor activities to promote better mental and physical health. Research shows that walking in natural environments such as forests and woodlands can help to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

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