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Coillte and Tree Council Partner for Tree Week 2020

Logo showing national tree week 2020; sponsored by Coillte in partnership with the tree council of Ireland; the theme is healthy tree healthy planet

Coillte and the Tree Council Partner for National Tree Week 2020

  • Coillte is partnering with the Tree Council of Ireland for National Tree Week 2020
  • Coillte will donate 30,000 native trees for planting during National Tree Week 2020 doubling numbers on previous years.
  • Almost half a million trees have been planted during National Tree Week since 1989
  • Trees will be available for collection across the country through County Councils
  • You can register your Tree Week event or idea with the Tree Council now!

Coillte is again partnering with the Tree Council of Ireland for National Tree Week 2020. National Tree Week 2020 will take place from Saturday 21 March to Friday 27 March 2020 and this year’s theme is “Healthy Trees Healthy Planet”.

The theme this year is to promote tree health and the important role trees play in protecting our planet by taking on climate change and providing natural renewable resources. It also references the health benefits, both physical and mental health that trees and forests provide.

Trees will be available for collection across the country through local County. Coillte are urging all schools, companies and community groups to register their events with the Tree Council here to ensure they get the number of trees they want.

Coillte will donate 30,000 native tree saplings during National Tree Week 2020 such as; oak, birch, alder, and willow in coordination with the Tree Council of Ireland.

Pat Neville, Communications Manager for Coillte, said;
“We’re extremely proud to be continuing our partnership with the Tree Council of Ireland for what we hope will be the best Tree Week yet! National Tree Week reminds us of all the benefits of trees and helps bring attention to climate change issues, and the positive role trees play in our communities. We are encouraging everyone to register their events and use the campaign hashtag #TreeWeek2020 to promote their events

National Tree Week 2020 is also on message with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation who has declared the year 2020 the International Year Plant Health. National Tree Week 2020 supports this theme by striving to raise awareness about protecting plant and tree health while protecting the environment, and boosting economic development, as the Irish forestry sector supports 12,000 rural based jobs in Ireland and contributes approximately €2.3 billion to the economy every year.

Coillte has supported National Tree Week since 1989, providing over half a million trees to the annual campaign.
President of the National Tree Council, Joseph McConville, said;
“National Tree Week provides the ideal opportunity for local groups to get together and make a lasting difference in their communities. Last year we saw over 300 events take place around the country and we’d love to see more parents and teachers get involved and educate their children about trees and the diverse role they play in rural and urban environments.”
As the week draws closer you will find a list of all registered events on the Tree Council of Ireland’s website. There will be tree planting and educational events taking place across the country, where the public can find out what trees do for our environment, which trees suit the Irish ecosystem and how you can ensure your tree stays healthy throughout the whole year.

To learn more information about National Tree Week 2020, please visit www.treecouncil.ie or www.coillte.ie for further details.

If you’re a planting a tree during National Tree week, please be sure to tag @3council @coilltenews and use the campaign hashtag #TreeWeek2020 and follow us on social media for updates about National Tree Week 2020.

For more information about National Tree Week 2020, please contact Marie Lynch marie@carrcommunications.ie / 01 772 8900/087 973 0522.

About National Tree Week
National Tree Week, organised by the Tree Council since 1989 and in partnership with Coillte, is a week long programme of events to celebrate all things trees.

About Coillte
Coillte is a commercial forestry company, owned by the State, that manages approximately 7% of the country’s land. Coillte operate three strong businesses from this land – their core forestry business, a wood panels manufacturing business MEDITE SMARTPLY and a land solutions business. Coillte export to over 30 countries worldwide.
To find out more visit www.coillte.ie

About the Tree Council of Ireland
The Tree Council of Ireland is a non-governmental voluntary organisation which acts as an umbrella body for organisations involved in planting, management and conservation of trees in Ireland. Our mission statement is to foster a tree culture in Ireland through action and awareness.
Our objective is to educate the public about the nature and value of trees through the organisation of events and tree related activities, to facilitate networking among members and to be a representative voice for tree culture and tree promotion.

About the United Nations International Year of Plant Health

Why is planting a tree important?
Planting the right tree in the right place is the most important decision when choosing where a tree should be planted. Correct matching of species with sites and soils ensures that trees are growing in the right environment and will perform well with minimum maintenance. Mistakes made in species selection will result in poor growth performance and eventual losses, no matter how well trees are maintained. To learn how to plant a tree correctly, visit the Tree Council’s YouTube channel and see their tutorial video.

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