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Welcome to Coillte

Coillte is an organisation that has a rich heritage and a really exciting future.

Our vision is to create a sustainable future for all by delivering the multiple benefits of forestry and leaving an enriched resource for the next generation.

Coillte has never been more relevant in terms of the challenges of our time – the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis. With increasing recognition of the benefits that trees and well-managed forests can deliver, we are acutely aware of Coillte’s potential to enable solutions to many of our nation’s challenges.

We have developed a new forestry strategic vision. This vision positions Coillte as playing a leading role in the delivery of solutions to the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis while also ensuring a strong supply of sustainably produced timber. It is focused on balancing and delivering the multiple benefits from Ireland’s state forests across four strategic pillars: Climate, Nature, Wood and People.

Our new forestry strategic vision is underpinned by a series of goals which outline our ambitions to grow new forests for timber production, optimise our existing forests for carbon capture, enhance biodiversity, and create a greater number of recreational spaces for citizens and tourists to enjoy.

Picture of Coillte's CEO Imelda Hurley

We believe the range of innovative and ambitious actions we have identified will transform Coillte’s contribution to society. We plan to consult widely on this vision and taking account of the input received through that process, we look forward to making significant progress towards operationalising this vision in the years ahead.

Fundamental to the delivery of this vision is a financially strong and commercially viable Coillte which, as we go forward, can continue to attract and retain outstanding talent, continue to invest in technology and innovation and continue to focus on operational efficiency improvements.

We know that forests across the globe are so relevant to the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis and that is why we are so focused on delivering the best possible balance across the multiple benefits of forestry and ensuring that, working together, we’re delivering a sustainable future for all – one that we can all look forward to and one that we can all enjoy.


Our Vision and Values

To Create a Sustainable Future from Our Forests and Land

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We run three high potential businesses, Forestry, Land Solutions and Medite Smartply, to deliver the multiple benefits from our forests and land while leaving an enriched resource for the next generation. Our Vision is to create a sustainable future from our forests and land.


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Planting, growing, protecting, managing and harvesting; forestry is at the heart of what we do

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Land Solutions

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Land Solutions generates recurring revenue by partnering, developing and adding value where our lands are suited to activity other than forestry.

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Medite Smartply

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MEDITE SMARTPLY produces market leading, sustainable, award winning timber construction panels from our sites in Clonmel and Waterford

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