Our Vision

Our vision is to create a sustainable future for all.


Our Values

We have developed 5 core values which guide our daily operations while underpinning our vision and new strategy.


  • We give our people the tools and responsibility to do their job well
  • We push decision making and accountability down to the appropriate level
  • We value and reward high performance


  • We simplify the way we work, consciously reducing complexity

 Outward Looking

  • We have a strong commercial focus on our end markets
  • We prioritise a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements
  • We invest time and energy in comprehending our stakeholders’ needs


  • We treat people including our employees, customers and stakeholders with respect
  • We nurture trust by making decisions openly
  • We are upfront with people about the reasons for the actions we take


  • We manage our land in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner
  • We deliver benefits to local communities and wider society
  • We ensure the safety of our employees, customers and stakeholders