16 March 2022 Dublin Mountains Makeover

More Native Woodlands at Ticknock: Operations in March and April

A section of the forest close to the main road through Ticknock is being harvested and replanted with native woodland.
Harvesting operations are due to start on Tuesday 22nd March and will continue for several weeks.

This section of the forest was due to be harvested at a later date but has suffered from several trees being blown down in the wind. Often once a few trees start to blow over, they take others with them in a domino effect. Because this section of forest is close to a busy road, we have decided that it is safest to remove them earlier using our R&R approach.

Two areas near the carpark at Ticknock that were planted with new native woodland last year are doing well and they now have lovely trails going through them. They are enclosed by deer fencing but you can walk through the gates and see how the new woodland is taking off. There are also two further sections which are being prepared for planting over the coming weeks.

You can watch our video about another R&R area at Ticknock as part of the Dublin Mountains Makeover or see the 6 steps below.

What is R&R – Remove and Replant?

R&R is when we remove the existing conifer forest and replant with new native woodland using these steps:

1. Harvest the trees and send them to be processed into timber products.

2. Examine the soil and ground flora to decide on the best mix of native trees to plant.

3. Prepare the ground to give the new seedlings the best chance on these exposed mountain slopes.

4. Erect a deer fence to protect the young trees from hungry Sika deer.

5. Plant a new native woodland with a mix of birch, Scots pine, oak, rowan, and holly.

6. Enjoy the woodland as it grows into a beautiful biodiverse habitat!

Please take care if you visit while works are taking place!

— Follow all safety signage and temporary diversions.

— Watch out for timber lorries.

— Don’t climb on the stacks of logs along the side of the road.

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