18 September 2020 Coillte Nature

Phase 2 of the Dublin Mountains Makeover begins in Cruagh

Phase 2 of the Dublin Mountains Makeover will commence the week of Monday 21st September with two projects in Cruagh forest. Which one happens first will depend on the weather conditions. Temporary trail detours may be required - please follow safety signage and be mindful of Coillte staff directing traffic.

1. We will be working on a stand of larch and Sitka spruce near the car park and along the upper road (see orange map, right). The technique we’re using here is called Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) – it involves snipping out individual trees or small stands of trees to let more light into the forest. It’s a great way of managing recreational forests, because we maintain a permanent forest canopy and allow for natural regeneration of young spruce trees. We’ll also be replanting native tree species in the gaps between the larch. Learn more about CCF with this blog and video.

2. We will also start clearfelling an area of mature Sitka spruce in the middle of the forest (see purple map, right). Once these trees are cleared, we’ll re-plant with native woodland to increase the biodiversity in Cruagh. This area has been surveyed by an ecologist and forester, and they determined that the most suitable native woodland type is pioneer birch woodland. So this winter, we’ll be planting: birch, Scots pine, rowan, oak and some other minor species such as whitebeam, aspen, willow.  The area will be fenced prior to planting to protect the new native seedlings from hungry Sika deer.

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