14 August 2020 Coillte Nature

The Dublin Mountains Makeover continues in Ballyedmonduff

UPDATED 15.10.20: Starting on Tuesday 20th October, the Dublin Mountains Makeover is continuing in Ballyedmonduff.

We’re preparing for a major operation to clear an area of forest that blew down in the wind. This exposed hillside site will be replanted with a mixture of native trees (birch and rowan) and Sitka spruce, with the Sitka acting as a shelter crop to protect the natives as they establish themselves. We call this approach ‘R&R-mix’ – Remove the Sitka spruce and Replant with a mixture of spruce and native woodland.

First, we’ll do roadworks to improve forest tracks so that felling machines can get access to the site. Then, we’ll take out the windblown trees. Harvesting on sites like these is a lot more difficult and hazardous for the forest workers than a normal felling operation. The trees fall in all directions on top of each other, so a mix of machines and a chainsaw operator will be needed. Clearing the trees in this kind of situation takes more time than normal, so please be patient while we work. Later in the year, we’ll come back and plant the new forest.

The trails in the area will remain open for most of the time, however the AfterBurner and Blazin’ Saddles sections of Mountain Bike Trails will be temporarily closed. Please follow safety signage and Coillte staff directing traffic.

For more information on this particular forest, here’s a PDF of the signage we’re using on-site.

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