The Cut is located at an elevation of 430 metres in the Slieve Bloom Mountains. The Slieve Bloom mountains were formed approximately 300 million years ago with the collision of two land masses. The whole area was originally at the bottom of the ocean. Since the time they were formed, the Slieve Blooms have being subject to the forces of weathering. Around 6,000 years ago, the weather in Ireland became much wetter and colder and caused the formation of the blanket bogs on the mountain tops. The area remained like this until in the 1940’s when some of the area was afforested with spruce and pine. The Cut road is also of interest itself as it was cut through the peak of the mountain and this part of the road was hewn by hand through the rock.The car park faces north and overlooks the valley of Glendineoregan down into Clonaslee and over into County Offaly. The area is ideal for enjoying the view or having a picnic on the picnic tables and benches provided. From the car park, it is also possible to gain access to the Slieve Bloom Way which is a National Waymarked Way that passes through this forest. There are many forest tracks and roads throughout the property which are suitable for walking or hiking but, apart from the Slieve Bloom Way, there are no way-marked ways or trails.

The Cut is located on the mountain road between Mountrath and Clonaslee. Leaving Clonaslee in the direction of Mountmellick, the Cut road is located less than half a kilometre on the right hand side. Take this road for 7 km until you reach the peak of the mountain and you can see where the road cuts through the top of the mountain. The car park and the entrance to the site is on the right hand side just before the road passes through the Cut.

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