Rossacroo na Loo to give it it’s full title, straddles the Loo river and valley. The wooded slopes come right down to the river from both sides. The wood carries a mixture of broadleaves and conifers. An old railway line that operated between Kenmare & Headford junction (1891-1959) ran right through the wood parallel to the river. This line is still in existence and makes for an enchanting walk through oak, birch and hazel scrub.
The focal point of Rossacroo is the Millennium forest site. This is an area of 40 hectares with Sessile oak in the valley bottom and lower slopes and a mixture of Oak and Scots pine, Sitka spruce and Lodgepole pine on the upper reaches. Across the road from the millennium forest is another car park and picnic facilities. The largest section of the forest is on this the northern side of the valley. There are 15 km of forest road in this block to whet the appetite of the walking enthusiast. As one ascends the hill vantage points are to be found here and there which open up the panorama of the valley below. For the really adventurous Crohane lake is to be found on the most northerly tip of the forest. Suitable clothing and footwear is advised .

10 Km north east of Kilgarvan village on the N569 to Killarney.

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