The Glashagarriff River courses its way through this small woodland of circa 8 hectares. Mullinhassig or Poll an Easaigh in Irish, translates to head or pool of waterfall. This probably refers to the pool that is formed at the base of the impressive waterfall towards the north western end of the property. Local folklore had it that the bottom of this pool cannot be found. There are a number of imposing rock outcrops throughout the wood, most notably on the top trail. Douglas fir, Oak, Sitka spruce and Japanese larch are the main tree species here. There was a tacking mill to the south east of the property at one time.

The small parking spot for Mullinhassig wood is just 4km from Coachford village. Head west along the R618 for approx. 2.7 km before turning north at Glashagarriff bridge. The parking area is located close to Aghavrin crossroads.

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