Gortavoher forest is located on Slievenamuck hill overlooking the verdant farmland of the Glen of Aherlow. Aherlow or the ‘low land between two high lands’ is bordered on the opposite side by the commanding and beautiful presence of the Galty mountains. This area is steeped in history and folklore. Slievenamuck – Sliabh Muice – Mountain of the Pigs, is believed to derive its name from the herds of wild pigs that once roamed the valley. Legend has it that it was on this hillside that Fionn mac Cumhaill slew the dangerous sow – Beo, who was causing havoc in Munster at that time.
Also notable, is Charles Bianconi’s horse drawn carriage services that passed through the forest in the 1800’s via the local Coach Road stopping point. Bianconi was an Italian who played a major role in the development of coach services distributing both mail and passengers throughout Ireland. A section of one of these routes has been restored within the forest.
The car park at Christ the King offers some magnificent panoramas of the mountains. ‘Christ the King’ refers to the landmark 16 foot statue that was erected in 1950 to commemorate the Holy Year. Access to the Nature Park and a number of National Looped Trails begin here.

Gortavoher is located on Slievenamuck hill overlooking the Glen of Aherlow, approximately 6.5km from Tipperary town.

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