To visit Glengarra is a real treat. This former demesne woodland has many exotic tree and shrub species that make a visit here memorable. Impressive specimen trees of Californian sequoia, Bhutan pine, Wellingtonia or Giant sequoia, yew and Monterey cypress stand tall within easy access of the main car park and forest road. There is a closed canopy of exotic rhododendron over the main access road that flowers in the early summer and is worth a visit to see in itself. Many of these trees and plants would have been brought back by members of the Shanbally Estate after their overseas ‘Grand Tour’ during the days of the big house.
The Burncourt river divides the woodland as it flows through. It provides water for a local public water scheme. Two footbridges facilitate access to both sides of the wood for walkers. Highly recommended is an amble up to the northern end of Glengarra, where Viscount Lismore erected a lodge, known as the Mountain Lodge during the nineteenth century. This stunning hunting and fishing lodge is sited in a beautiful location. It is currently being restored through the efforts of the local Burncourt community.
Glengarra also hosts one of the Millennium Project sites, where a tree was planted for each household in Ireland to mark the transition into the new millennium.
Well worth a visit.

15 kms Southwest of Cahir, Co. Tipperary on the old Dublin/Cork road, now the R639.

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