Throughout most of history Irish bogs were impassable. To cross the wet, boggy terrain people built bog roads or ‘toghers’. In the 20th century, as the bogs were exploited for fuel, thousands of important archaeological finds were made – including swords, jewellery, trumpets and human bodies (preserved by the acid nature of the bog).
Girley Bog is a site of considerable conservation significance as it comprises raised bog – a rare habitat in Europe and one that is becoming increasingly scarce and under threat in Ireland. The loop covers a combination of forest and bogland – and has been developed as an eco-walk. The main element of the loop is within the bogland where there is a wonderful variety of birdlife, plants and animals.
The project (LIFE09/222 “Demonstrating Best Practice in Raised Bog Restoration in Ireland”) jointly funded by the EU DG-Environment (under its LIFE-Nature Programme).

Drewstown Woods, near Kells, Co. Meath

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