Welcome to Feede forest and the Dromad Loop trail. The walking trail can be accessed from different locations, but the one on the Google map is the forest entrance.
The area is steeped in history and the former Jonesborough church is also along the route.
Walkers joining the looped trail are able to begin and complete their journey on either side of the border. It also provides access to the larger trail network within Coillte forests, such as the Ring of Gullion Way, the Tain Way and other mountain pathways.

Junction 19, is a partial junction with only two accesses, rather than the usual four. You can join the N1 heading north only. You can leave the N1 heading south only.

Junction 20, Jonesborough, is also a partial junction but it is a three way. You can leave the N1 heading either from the south or the north but you can only join if it heading south. There is a flyover OVER the top of the N1 and the Flurry river.

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The Drumod Loop walking trail is a 8.5km cross border looped walking trail (moderate). This walking trail enables walkers to explore the beauty of north Louth, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

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Along your route you will pass the former Jonesborough church. The Building which is listed Category B, is the former Church of Ireland originally built in 1866 to replace the previous building dating to 1732. The church closed its doors in 1991, and has been empty ever since.



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A small car park is situated at the forest entrance.

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