Donadea Forest Park includes Donadea Castle and estate, the former home of the Aylmer family up until 1935. There are many historical features including the remains of the castle and walled gardens, St. Peter’s church, an ice house and boat house.
The Lime tree avenue planted in the 19th century formed the original entrance to the estate. Another feature of the park is the 9/11 Memorial, a scaled replica of the twin towers carved in limestone. The small lake is brimming with ducks, waterhens and has a beautiful display of water lilies in the summer. There is a café open throughout the year.
There is a €5 charge to enter with your car and all cards and payment apps are now accepted at the entrance barrier (since Dec 2020).
Donadea is a very popular recreation site, so try to travel outside of peak times to avoid delays on entry.

8 KM south of Kilcock 13KM north of Naas on the Killcock Road.

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Car Park 460 spaces

Car park opens at 7am (April to September) and 8am (October to March)

Car park closes at 9pm (April to September) and 7pm (October to March)

Parking Fee: €5.00 Per Car (All cards, coins and payment apps taken – cash not taken) Annual Access Card €40.00

Toilet facilities are only available during café opening hours.

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