time. This site was acquired to promote biodiversity, by managing the existing semi-natural woodland and restoring the farmland to native woodland capable of regenerating itself over time. The woodland runs from the public road to the northern edge of Lough Key.
The site is circa 11 hectares and was acquired with financial support from AIB as part of its ADD MORE GREEN programme.
Most of the site is within the Corrigeenroe Marsh proposed Natural Heritage Area. The main species in the semi natural woodland are willow, birch, alder and ash.
The grassland area was planted with native species in 2010. Species were selected on site suitability and include oak, birch, ash alder holly and hazel.

There are three trails (one multi-access) that take you through this most diverse multi-aged forest ecosystem.

Corrigeenroe, Co. Roscommon

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