Curraghbinny Wood is located in a most beautiful setting on a prominent hill overlooking Cork Harbour. It is a compact wood, covering just 35 hectares but its beauty punches way about its size. It has an old world feel largely due to the amount of carriage paths running through the wood and its location close to the stunning architecutre of the Terrace and the Villas at Curraghbinny Pier. The diversity of tree species and the Gazebo or the summer house at the top of the hill reinforces the perception of Curraghbinny being a ‘pleasure’ woodland for the landed gentry.

Evidence of Bronze Age man (circa 1500 B.C.) is also found here in the form of a grave cairn to their dead. The name Curraghbinny may be derived from the legend that the name commemorates a giant, Binne, who is interred in this burial chamber that surmounts the hill ‘Corra’.

Good fertile soil derived from old red sandstone supports a diverse woodland of many tree species and an abundance of plant life.

Curraghbinny Wood is located 7.2 Km east of Carrigaline, south of R613. The area lies on the northern side of the Owenboy River and the tip of peninsula that juts into Cork Harbour.

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