Nestled in the Wicklow mountains, Cloon and Curtlestown woods are two forest properties that are located within a short distance of each other and offer walks in a tranquil setting. From the parking area at Cloon forest property, one can visit the Oak Glen, a project started in 1990 with with Crann to restore oak to the Glencree valley where there was a Royal forest park in the 13th century.
Nearby Curtlestown has gently sloped trails with a number of viewing points that have vistas of Knockree Hill and the Glencree Valley. There a number of other crags and mountain features including Prince William’s Seat (555 m) and a trigonometric pillar that was used by the Ordinance Survey in the triangulation of Ireland. Raven’s Rock, a rocky outcrop is also accessible from this property.

Cloon is about 6.5 km west of Enniskerry on a 3rd class road to Glencree.

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