Updated July 2020

In line with the Government Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business, all our car parks and recreation sites are open for all to visit. We ask that all visitors abide by social distancing and public health guidelines.

We continue to ask visitors, where possible, not to drive to their nearest forest in order to reduce the impact of traffic congestion near our sites.

During the summer months, our forests and amenities become even more popular with more people visiting and engaging in outdoor activities. During COVID19, there are associated risks and we encourage visitors to examine the information in the Government of Ireland's "Be Summer Ready" Campaign:

Please note: All annual access cards have been extended by a period of three months.

Welcome to Ireland’s biggest outdoor playground. It boasts one million acres of lush forests, wild bogs, magical mountains, flowing rivers, and beautiful beaches - all waiting to be enjoyed and explored!

So get out and discover the fun of the forest!

Just to note - All access to our forests is by permission. Individuals are welcome to walk in all forests and to cycle in designated forests. We can give you a permit for most other activities or if you want to hold group events. Keep an eye out for signs where we might be working in the forest - we will usually show you an alternate route for your walk or cycle.

We want you to have a great time exploring our forests, but we do expect you to look out for your own safety and respect other users of the forest.


Many precious memories have been made walking magical forests trails with family and friends. Today our forests offer far more than walking. You can whiz down challenging biking trails, canopy climb through trees and sneak unforgettable birds-eye views, camp under the starry sky, or explore the rich plant and animal life. Check out all our forests have to offer here – and pick something that suits you!


Come and join us for a unique, exhilarating and fun-filled day out at one of our spectacular 260 recreation sites around Ireland.

Permits & Licences

Some activities you want to enjoy on our lands may need a permit. Check the details here and apply for your permit online.

Annual Card

We charge a car-parking fee at some of our recreational forests. You can buy an annual card here which can be used at all sites. Please note that due to the COVID crises, we have added 3 months to all valid cards.


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