8 June 2021 Coillte Nature

Carrickgollogan: Felling of trees adjacent to ESB powerline 8th/9th June

A small area of trees will be cleared at Carrickgollogan this week at the request of the ESB due to health and safety concerns. Felling will take place on the 8th / 9th June below Carrickgollogan summit adjacent to the powerlines, as marked on the map below.

Felling of the remaining burnt and windblown trees will take place later in the summer, and we will provides updates closer to the time. This winter, planting of a native woodland will take place in the area where the windblown trees are removed. This is part of the Dublin Mountains Makeover which will see an area of over 900 hectares across nine Coillte forests transitioning away from commercial forestry to be managed for recreation, biodiversity and climate.

Small area of trees to be felled at ESB powerline at Carrickgollogan

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