Make tasty sambos, fill the flask and set the sat nav for one of our perfect picnic and play spots tucked away in spectacular parts of Ireland.

Food always tastes better outdoors, especially when eaten with your fingers, and there is nothing like some serious play to whet the outdoor appetite.

We have top quality playgrounds with swings, slides and climbing frames at six locations around the country, all with picnic benches close by so Mam and Dad can sip tea or coffee and relax while the kids blow off some steam.

There are also more than 120 dedicated picnic sites further off the beaten track beautifully situated by cascading waterfalls, on gentle river banks and in peaceful forest glades…all inviting you to dine al fresco on delicious food while listening to the sounds of nature.

Afterwards let the kids loose into the best natural playground, the forest, to collect leaves, pick berries and climb trees. The forest is the perfect place to play and learn.

Click Here to explore our Recreation Map and find a place you will love to go for a Picnic & Play.

But a gentle reminder to parents and guardians to keep a good eye on the little people while they are having fun.