About Coillte

Purchasing Policy

Coillte's purchasing policy is based upon the principle of competitive tendering and operates in accordance the European Union Directives.
The type of competitive process used depends upon the size and type of contract. Our main medium of advertising is the Public Sector Procurement Web Sitewww.etenders.gov.ie

In addition to the guidelines/directive, the following policies should be adhered to:

  • Where Purchase orders (PO) are used the supplier must quote the PO number on their invoice. Invoices which do not quote a PO number will be returned to the supplier unpaid.
  • As the company is obliged to comply with Tax Clearance procedures, all suppliers, supplying in excess of €10,000 of goods/services in any rolling 12 month period, must have and submit a valid tax clearance certificate.  On-line application for Tax Clearance Certificates can be made on www.revenue.ie
  • Coillte will, on request, provide a de-briefing facility to companies unsuccessful in competitions.
  • The standard payment terms for the Coillte Group are: 60 days net of month end for Coillte and 30 days net of month end for SmartPly / Medite. Other payment terms may apply subject to separate contract agreement. Coillte is committed to complying with the terms of the Prompt Payment of Accounts Act, 1997.
  • Coillte's Ethics at Work policy requires that  the highest standards of integrity, legality and confidentiality apply to all transactions.
  • Coillte complies with all obligations relating to employment protection and working conditions as detailed in government website www.employmentrights.ie.
  • Coillte takes a committed approach to sustainability particularly in respect of energy efficiency, waste management, recycling and use of environmentally friendly products and services.